Helping the Elderly Downsize

I enjoyed the article Helping the Elderly Downsize featured in the NY Times about helping seniors downsize. One of the reasons I started Daisy’s Senior Moves and Transition Services, and one of the things that comes up every time I talk to someone about what I do, is that everyone has a personal story about how they or someone they know has been through this process and how stressful and emotional it can be.  It is stressful not only for the people in transition but many times for the family who is trying to help.

Moving is stressful at any age no matter who you are.  It can be a daunting task. This article highlights the value of hiring a Senior Move Manager to assist with this often emotional task. There are many variables with a move like this. Many times, there are decades worth of items that have accumulated in the home and there can be attachments to these belongings. Having a third party come in with compassion can help clients decide what there is room for in their new home (through floor planning), and can systematically assist with the sorting of a life times worth of belongings.  A move manager can coordinate with other vendors that may be needed and has a list of contacts (examples:movers, donation sites, estate sale dealers, cleaners and junk haulers) to draw from. A senior move manager can also provide services to make it easier for clients to “age in place” if that is what is desired.

Daisy’s Senior Moves wants you to enjoy time with your loved ones and feel that we can help you accomplish this by taking on the stresses of organizing your move.  Our goal is to have our clients move into a space that is comfortable and familiar to them, a place that feels like home.