Declutter & Organize

We can all become overwhelmed at the prospect of clearing our home spaces of clutter. Many times we just don’t know where to begin. Having Daisy’s Senior Moves come and evaluate it with new eyes and creative solutions can take the stress out of the daunting task for you!

My goal is to help you get organized, so that you may gain a more functional home. Doing this can help reduce anxiety and create a less chaotic life. Who doesn’t enjoy a clutterless and well organized room/space?!

I’ve always used and found the system that if I do not need it, use it or love it then I get rid of it.  I have done this by sorting through and evaluating whether items could be gifted to friends or family, donated to charities that offer a receipt (I then use this as a deduction on my taxes and this has always been more profitable than the garage sales I’ve had and much less work and time involved), selling, recycling or by tossing unusable items in the trash.

Services Offered:

  • Organizing and planning locations
  • Sort room by room
  • Organization-everything has a place or “home”
  • Assess whether containers, shelving, hooks and other organization solutions are needed
  • Arrange for profitable donation
  • Arrange for trash removal
  • Labeling
  • Maintenance plan to keep things organized.


Begin With a Free Consultation

We will begin with a free home consultation to evaluate your needs.